About ANTI


 We are ANTI the way traditional hair products make your hair feel. ANTI farewells overdone hair and welcomes concentrated  formulas for superior performance with a natural finish. Feeling like they’re barely there, ANTI avoids the ever so common product build-up, with a portfolio that is lightweight, simplified and addictive.

ANTI empowers beauty in a world driven by social conscience, product performance and individuality.

We are the vision of the hairdressing industry’s leading creatives with a combined experience in the professional hairdressing industry of more than 100 years. ANTI promises the ultimate professional quality brand that takes pride in transparency by understanding the needs of both the professional stylist and the human race as a collective.


ANTI is a progressive professional and consumer haircare brand.

ANTI seeks truth in the illusion. The beauty industry is plagued with false realities and expectations. There’s no denying it’s time to empower consumers and hairstylists who have been misled, minimised and oppressed. Lack of authenticity and transparency via the corporatisation of beauty has now created a time to cultivate a new realm of creativity and consciousness.

ANTI challenges the status quo in beauty. We empower confidence and take pride in transparency. We fight against what no longer serves us in beauty and in the world. Here we come together instigating change and asking you"What are you ANTI?"


ANTI is a brand that is as aesthetically unique as you are. Our products focus on hair health, texture and performance. Here we believe hair products shouldn't be gendered. Hair is hair. Conglomerate marketing has misled us into believing men and women’s beauty should be categorized and divided, we are ANTI this.

Sometimes misconstrued as tough or masculine, our black packaging encourages seduction, strength and self-expression. We challenge traditional gender misconceptions and celebrate the strength, fortitude and self-expression of both the feminine and the masculine, regardless of color or gender.

ANTI packaging – An aesthetic designed for those who lead


ANTI haircare formulas are ANTI gluten, sulfates, parabens, petroleum and phthalates. We believe in providing quality ingredients. Many other haircare brands offer products filled with silicones that work in such a way as to coat the hair, giving a feeling of hair health that is misleading. Not ANTI.


As part of our promise, a completely ethical brand that is vegan & proudly cruelty free.


All of our products are proudly certified by ‘Leaping Bunny’; Working towards ending animal testing and animal cruelty once and for all.